Photo Gallery

Keeping Hydrated in Fresno, CA

Our drying equipment is so good, it will dry you out. Here is Ross staying hydrated on a large loss commercial job in the summer. It can get very warm with all the equipment running so we remind our employees to stay hydrated and take there breaks.

Tub Overflow here in Fresno, CA

This customer started her bath water and it overflowed before she had a chance to turn it off. The water was able to flow throughout most of the house. This is a picture of two cabinets that swelled almost immediately. 

Fallen Tree in Fresno, CA

Here in Fresno, we occasionally get storms with strong winds. Luckily this tree went though the fence and not our customers home. We went in and removed the tree and repaired the fence, making this disaster "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Fire Loss in Fresno, CA

This is a local commercial fire here in Fresno. We went in and cleared out all of the contents. We removed most the sheet rock and parts of the ceiling. 

Water in the walls

Here at SERVPRO of Fresno Southeast we take pride in having the latest technology. Here is a picture of our inferred camera and the wall behind. You can see that to the left of the camera the walls are wet, but if you look through the camera, the wall cavity is full of water showing the extent of this water damage. Starting on the second floor flowing down into the floor below.

Fungi Growth in Fresno, CA

When a water damage is not taken care of as soon as it happens, it is possible for mold to grow. This picture shows fungi that has grown in the carpet. In this case everything will need to be completely removed.

Large Loss Commercial Water Damage Fresno, CA

Here is a large commercial building that had a major Water Damage. This needed a little extra equipment, so we brought in this trailer mounted desiccant dehumidifier powered by 2 generators.  

Raining inside!

This is the server room of a commercial building that suffered from a boiler burst. The water breached the ceiling and filled the room. This picture shows the streams of water pouring down.